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Communication is a vital part of our lives. We use words to convey our opinions and thoughts in special ways. Often, words are used to evoke thought or an emotional response. People and friends often send me poems and many of them I quite like. This is a showcase for many of the poems that have been sent to me. Enjoy.

Let me be the one
By Ed Cunningham
Let me be the one
who walks beside you
through the meadows
and miracles of springtime...
the one whose hand
you hold when autumn hills
shimmer with leaves
of brown and gold...
Let me be the one
who feels your warming kisses
as frosted lakes reflect
the winter moonlight...
the one who helps you
count the million stars
that fill your summer skies...
Let me be the one
who sees your first smile
each new morning...
the one who hears
your whispered secrets
at the quiet close of day...
Let me be the one,
the lucky one,
who shares the cherished dreams,
the sweet surprises,
the happy memories--
all the gifts of a lifetime
of loving
and being loved
by you.

Watashino Kokoro anata desu.. heart My heart of hearts is yours..

Sometimes, when I'm alone and lost
in thought, and all the world seems
to far away, you come to me as if in a dream,
filling my soul with the warmth of
your prescence. And I smile knowing that
though we cannot be together now, wer'e
always close in thought.
By Unknown.
From my beloved friend, Chris

bullrushes First Love bullrushes
By John Clare
I ne'er was struck before that hour
With love so sudden and so sweet,
Her face it bloomed like a sweet flower
And stole my heart away complete.
My face turned pale as deadly pale,
My legs refused to walk away,
And when she looked, what could I ail?
My life and all seemed turned to clay.
And then my blood rushed to my face
And took my eyesight wuite away,
The trees and bushes round the place
eemed midnight at noonday.
I could not see a single thing,
Words from my eyes did start -
They spoke as chords do from the string,
And blood burnt round my heart.
Are flowers the winter's choice?
Is love's bed always snow?
She seemed to hear my silent voice,
Not love's appeals to know.
I never saw so sweet a face
As that i stood before.
My heart has left it dwelling-place
And can return no more.
This lovely poem was sent by Shannon.

bullrush image

Survivor Psalm
by Frank Ochberg, MD
I have been victimized.
I was in a fight that was
not a fair fight.
I lost
There is no shame in losing
such fights, only in winning.
I have reached the stage of
survivor and am no longer a
slave of victim status.
I look back with sadness
rather than hate.
I look forward with hope
rather than despair.
I may never forget, but I need
not constantly remember.
I was a victim.
I am a survivor.

I see people everywhere dreaming about tomorrow,
they're hoping it will come one day and take away their sorrow.
They have failed to notice that tomorrow isn't here,
and it will never come one day and take away their fear.
They just keep repeating that tomorrow will be better,
not many have accomplished to relate that tomorrow is forever.
Tomorrow is forever because it is never here,
it always turns into the next day that will dry up all their tears.
I think people need to notice the day their livin in,
and today's tomorrow very soon will once be wrong again.
People need to see that tomorrow's just an illusion,
and that is what is causing a lot of there confusion.
The one main thing about this poem that people need to realize,
is that the day that is today was once another tomorrow.

5/24/97 by D.J. Ward
"For everyone that relies on the hope of tomorrow."
Visit DJ's Cool pages

bullrush image Doves bullrush image
From a meadow a dove sits waiting for its' love
Singing his song hoping she will hear as the wind
blows the smell of prairie flowers across the field,
a stream flows along washing small rocks as it goes,
from afar a dove comes to his song of love as the fly away
together in love as they fade away.

Passing Moments
Dreams and reality are states of mind where the soul and faith live as
passing moments, emotions of fear and confusion lay I look upon the
heavens for god takes away the fear and confusion as angels descend to
guide my hand to comfort me or guide me for reality is thou essence and
one being and dreams is the passenge to ones' heaven in out last times.

Romantic tropics
As the sun sets you feel sun rays on you, your thoughts wondering through
your head feeling of peace within yourself from the hassle and bassle
of daily life with hand and hand, every step full of warmth, a gentle
kiss from a passing moment, a chase of fun and passion, a passing breeze
flows through your hair making you feel as beautiful as you dreamed thy
eyes are a doorway to my soul, thy ears hear sweet melody, thy lips are
to touch your lips and thy hands are to hold they heart for you to take
for I am a wandering soul for someone to see.

Prayer of Love
Why thou searchest a life time to find love and once in a life time
shall find such a love or not at all, others may find it but hard to hold
for love hurts in so many ways as a rose brush beautiful, but the thorns
cut deep to hold thy love is great and beautiful to ones' sight for
the strength to hold on as the passing years for my love is true but
shall the pain go away.

bullrush image

These were sent by my good friend Kent
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My Treasure
When I search my heart
I find a pleasure
Your handsome face
That's become my treasure
The feelings inside me
Are hard to describe
All I really want
Is you by my side
These churning emotions
That rush right through me
The mere sight of your name
Can do it to me
The love that's here
It's hard to miss
I want to feel your arms
I want to feel your kiss
You are part of my heart
You are part of my soul
Knowing you love me
Makes me complete and whole!
Te Amo!

Two Hearts
Two hearts found each other
The start of a friendship
Like none ever before
The blossoming of gentle love
Two hearts found each other
An awakening of all senses
A bundle of churning feelings
The blossoming of gentle love
Two hearts found each other
The whispered words of love
The pounding of beating hearts
The blossoming of gentle love
Two hearts found each other
The tears of " I miss you "
The smiles of " Always and forever "
The blossoming of gentle love.
These lovely poems were sent to my by my
friend Thelma.

Appreciate Her
By Stephen Duelgrey
She is Gentle and her Heart has an Infinite Capacity to Love.
She Smiles readily
and just as Quickly Angers at any Affront to her Person or a Friend.
She is Loyal in her Friendships,
Honest in her Relationships and Passionate in her Life.
Her Eyes Flash in Anger, Sparkle in Laughter and Tear in Sorrow.
She has felt Physical and Emotional Pain and needs no More.
Her Eyes capture the World in Critical Observation,
Yet still she Appreciates the Beauty of it's Splendor.
She Sleeps Peacefully, Smiles as She awakes
and States She's not a Morning Person.
She possesses a Calm that Radiates to Others.
Her Movements Lithe. Her Features Elven.
Her Eyes Hazel: When Happy Light as Mist, When Sad Dark as Night.
Her Fine Hair can hang Suspended like the Veil of Autumn
or raised in a Coif of Burnished Bronze.
No Matter her Appearance She Possesses a Nobility of Spirit,
an Unquenchable Fire. Yet She holds no Vanity,
But should for her Accomplishments are Remarkable.
Her Amusement lights up a Room. Her Laughter is Intoxicating, Lilting and Honest.
If you are the Subject of her Joy you can't help but Inhale Deeply,
Catching the Breath and Wishing you could hold her Pleasure forever in your own Heart.
If caught in her Eyes you feel........Complete.
Pearls in Wine
A Lover's soft carress strokes the Cheek Of Beauty,
Blush as a Wine, Soft as the Pearl immersed in Sangria,
an Ancient Gift given from one to another, expressing the Desire,
Passion and Longing for She who brings the Smooth Crystal to her Lips.
Eyes sparkle, Senses sharpen
and Passions Burning Ember becomes the Fires Of Deepest Desire.
One Pearl, One Goblet
and the Magical Ingredient to Complete a Lifetime's Journey.
A Taste, Fleeting, One Moment and Lost...
I think Not.
What do You See?
Dispassionate, Lone, Fearful of the Pains of Life.
Tentative Light carresses
and Gently Chases away the Night.
Shadows Appear Distinct in the Viewing,
Lenghthen and Disappear.
Fearful of Breakage
yet trying ever so Boldly to Express ir's Soul
in these Clumsy Tools we call words.
Ones Gaze does not need to be Returned to be a Gaze.
It's just a Light.
It Illuminates, casts away Shadows in a search for Truth.
By Carla (Dr. Image) A Summit Peak high above the Widest of Valleys,
Emerald Trees surround me,
Enveloped in their Embrace I feel Lost? Empowered?
The Azure Sky above reaches it's delicate Fingers towards the Ground,
where it Blends with the Rains of Past Falling.
A Mirror undisturbed holding my Image locked in it's Frame
as I Push the Shutter Open and Shut.
Captured in my Heart's View forever Mine
Soul in Mist
Torn Asunder in Heart's Embrace,
Love of One,
Another's Loss.
Pain of Wanting,
Hollow Place,
Sight Unseen,
No Saving Grace.
Wandering Soul lost in Mist,
Time Will Heal,
Mind Dismiss.
Memory Fades,
Lightness Dark,
Change of Venue,
Happyness Made.
Wish Fulfilled
The Sun rises in the Morning
casting the Shadows away to their Invisible Realms.
I look to your Face,
Peacefully Relaxed in Innocent's Caress.
The Desire to touch,
The need to Express
is an Overwealming Wave that crashes against the Shore.
I Extend my Hand in want, and stay it in Love.
The Spell is Cast
I'm lost again in the Wonder of your Breathing,
Quiet and Soft.
I pray that the Sun would Slow in it's Endless Track
so the Moment would Last Just a Second More.
A Lover's Selfish Wish
broken as you open your Eyes and Smile.
An Unknowing Wish Fulfilled.
Clay Jar
Formed of Dirt and Water.
Clay molded, Shaped into a Vessel.
A Jar containing Untold Treasures.
Gold valued by it's Weight.
Diamonds brilliant to the Eye.
Common Dirt available Underfoot.
The Vase we travel in can be of any Shape.
Pleasing to the Eye.
But what of it's Essance?
It's True Value is not the Shell.
It's the Veiled Nature.
Hidden from the View of All Around,
Shared with Few.
Look into the Eyes of that One.
See a Small Splinter of their Secret Cargo.
Feel the Lonelyness they Carry.
The Love they wish to Share.
Compassion, Desire, Wishes, Dream, Fears.
The Finite Holder is Infinite in it's Capacity.
Sometimes this Wonderous Creation Breaks the Seal
and Tries to Live in the Harsh Enviornment.
Maybe it Blossoms and is Shared.
Magic held in a Lump of Clay.
Change of Sword
Steel Clashes in Darkness Might,
Blood Spilled is Horror's Delight.
Souls of Evil Stalk the Land,
All Exist in the Heart of Man.
A Light shines Forth in Innocent Faith,
Holding Sword Champion to Right,
Eclisped in Darkness by Knowledge of Life,
Blood Spilled by Horror's Delight.
It's in the Knowing
What one has never known one never misses.
Passion thought but Lust Reward.
A Gentle Touch that Caresses the Soul.
Where none has touched before.
Light so Brilliant casts away Shadow.
Darkness Fled the Truth Now Seen.
Stand Revealed nothing Concealed.
Longing for Which I Discovered.
What was never Known.
The Little Pleasures
It's Just an Old Shirt. Frayed, Dirty Collar.
I Put it on, Catch a Scent
of Tobaccaco from the Dance we went to Last Night.
Wine on the Sleeve's Cuff. Your Skin's Smell
permeates the Fibers. It feels like a
Warm Blanket encircling me.
I pull it Close about me, Smile and Remember
the Feeling of you.
Your Intoxicating Natural Smell.
Intense for Just all too short a Moment.
The Phone rings.
I make a Mad attempt to Pull it off before I'm Discovered...
Then Laugh. It's just an Old Shirt.
What we Believe
Roses, aspects of Love.
They Possess the Thorns like the Pain of Longing.
The Petals that Caress as a Gentle Touch,
Heavy as a Lover's Kiss.
Folds of the Petals
like the Delicate Layers of Discovery in Learning of Another.
Scent that is Subtle, Stronger in it's Passing,
as appreciation until it's beyond our Reach.
Red of Blood, willing to be Spilled in Protection of the Other.
Stem supporting the Whole in Unity.
Blooming as Happiness, Open and Content.
See it as One, Why then a Dozen?
Stranger Passing?
Travelers on this Earthly Realm.
Witnesses of Life's Pain.
Blessings in Mortal Guise
Some hold Name, Others do not.
No Wall Stops them, No Door a Bar.
Touch in Passing, No Anger Sent.
Lightness of Being.
Effects of Nature.
Angel's Kiss upon thy Brow.
These incredible poems were submitted by Stephen Duelgrey.

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