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Thoughts and emotions are expressed by words. Words can express sadness, happiness, and love. These are some beautiful words that were sent to me from some very talented people.
This site is not currently being updated. In the future, my plan is to overall all of my pages and to give them all a new look and updates. Stay tuned to see what comes next.

The following two new poems are by a talented friend of mine. His name is Chris Cookson and is a recent winner of my Dove award. He is a published poet and also shares his voice with us through drawings and thoughts.
By C. Cookson

It is her face of beauty
That defeated my sword,
And though I am weak
Unto the love she pours,
I am shy unto death.

It is her eyes of dawn
That devoured my darkness;
Even when she wants
To kiss me, she departs
To leave me stoned alone.

It is her heart afire
That leads me to the Unknown,
And I am just a fool while
I chase her flames born
To fly across the sky at night;
And though her blue torch
Burns through the blackness,
I am much too worried
Of losing the one match
To keep me warm.

Her body is the angel of Heaven
While I am the creature
Who longs to embrace her flesh;
It must be this passion that keeps
Me longing for sweet mercy,
For her sun is not just
A radiant to give me life,
But she is my eternal fire
To engulf my moonlight
That forms a perfect eclipse-
A perfect kiss.

I Am With You Always
By C. Cookson

May our seeds descend from Heaven together
And may our destiny unite
As one body of beauty.
May our flowers sprout together
And lift our heads to bathe
Under the rays of the sunlight.
May our pedals unfold together.
As we call upon the bees
To take what is natural.
May our fragrance fill the world.
With sweet perfumes
As our purity pleases the eyes of God.
May our beauty never be torn apart.
As we live side by side.
May our dreams be fulfilled.
May our seeds scatter across the fields.
And bring new life to life.
May our love endure forever.
May our hearts never become sorrowful
As the storm comes and vanishes.
May our colors never fade to black
As our truth glows for all.
May our bodies wilt together
As the winter kills our existence.
May our spirits ascend together
As our persons never suffer again.
And may our glory never lose its power
As our love was infinite from the beginning
And is infinite beyond the end.

Visit Chris' site Chris Cookson: His Writings; His Craftmanship.
Find out more about his book: The Stranger

The following new poems are by my best friend, Holly Cravens. I feel honored that she not only shared her poems with me, but allowed me to post them here to share with the rest of the world.
Holly S. Cravens
Oct. 21, 1992 --2:00am

Take me back to the black midnight
Let the shadow embrace my soul.
Let the cold, pale light
of Distant stars
cleanse me, make me whole.
Let the darkness
o'erwhelm my senses
My spirit lost in ecstasy
Oh Night, my lover
set your wild, savage child free.

Suffer in Silence
Holly S. Cravens
Feb. 7, 1989--1:00am

I shiver in the Darkness
as icy winds blow
through my soul
and Demons of my own creation
scamper to and fro
While thoughts blow
in the eddies of the cold
How I pray the day will come
when no longer
willy my lonely tears
stain my face blood-red
I cry in vain
to no one
my screams
in my mind
as shadow overtakes
my soul.

Holly S. Cravens
Oct. 27, 1992 --3:30am

The Dew sparkles in the moonlight
as it slides slowly
down the new and tender leaf
and falls gently to the moss-covered forest floor
silently reminding me
of your touch upon my body.
Distant thunder rumbles
vibrating the earth beneath my feet
much like your nearness
moved through me
quietly igniting fires within my soul.
A warm breeze softly blows
causing the trees to dance and sway.
And I see
in my mind's eye
you and I
moving together beneath the starlight
completely enthralled
in the rhythm of the night.
Turning away, I sigh
and seek sleep
to dream
of you.

Holly S. Cravens
March 11, 1994 --3:30am

My mind
stretching like a cloud
across the land
moved through you-
An electric wind.

These poems were sent to me by a special
man that is far away from home right now.
Thank you dear Tim for sharing these with me
and writing the first one for me. You have a special gift.

Little Indian Princess

Little Indian Princess
left all alone
with no one to turn to
no place to
call your own.

Little Indian Princess
down by the lake
you sit and wait for
some great sign, when life
is yours to take.

Little Indian Princess
watching the sky so blue,
seeing all the shapes
inside, can't you see
that I love you?

Untitled, By Tim

I seen the rain man
on a sunny day.
He was flyin a kite and
dancin to his own tune.
The wind picked it up and
it floated through the sky
I watched it with a smile. It
climbed over a mile. So high. It
twirled and it spun and it weaved and
it waved. And the rain man kept on dancin.

Untitled, by Tim

Oh Maiden so fair you captured my heart
I gave it to you right from the start.
I let not you know but stilled it inside
For fear of rejection caused it to hide.
It escapes in your presence confined in my eyes
It is such a pity I wear this disguise.
I speak not a whisper for seldom am heard
But when I'm around you I cherish each word.
If only you knew how I've felt all this time
It would be a miracle for you to be mine.


I can't dance
and I can't sing.
Sometimes I can't do
much of anything.
But I can watch and enjoy
the antics of others.
Especially those
of my sisters and brothers.

I can laugh and cry
right along with you
Even if there is a lot
I can't physically do.

I can't mow the lawn
or shovel the snow.
But I can plant flowers and bushes
and watch them grow.
And see them bloom
and get very tall
From the beginning of Spring
right through to the Fall.

I can't jump in a car
and go for a ride.
I can't go for a walk
so I stay inside.
Sometimes I have a chauffer
to sweep me away
So I can do some of the things
you can do every day.

My body may have betrayed me
My mind sometimes gets defective
No one is more disappointed than I
in the changes that are now effective.

But remember....

My eyes can still see
the many hues of the sky
The sunsets of the day
that slowly fade away
The hundred shades of green
all the beauty of life
All this can be seen
even among the daily strife.

I can still smell
the freshness of cut grass
or of blooming roses
All the scents that tell me
That I'm still alive
and all that it poses
that I will survive.

And my ears can still hear
and I can still listen
I am always there in spirit
even if I can't be there in person.

For all of those in my life
and in my heart
For all of those that I love
I'll always be a part.

I can still feel
and I can still be
Not the same
but a new me.

If I'm ever needed
I can invisibly be there
To lend a hand
to show that I care.
And to let you know
you're never alone
That I can still be a friend
that we can still share.

Friends and family
think I still can
But they're strong and healthy
So they don't understand.
I'm their sister,
daughter, friend or lover
But they don't really know me
Or know that everything I do
I do in sheer agony
and the stripping
of all my energy.

To say, "I love you"
and mean it
Back it up
and prove it.
Show that you care
by your behavior
and actions.
That's the only way
I will know
your true intentions.

Be there
to light the path
for someone you care.
Make me believe
that it does not matter
whether I can or I can't
jump in a car
or go for a walk.
That maybe all I can do
is sit and watch
listen and see
enjoy and be
without feeling guilty
knowing that's okay, too.

Just be there to let me know
That I still count
for something
For what I am
and for what I'm not
of how good I'm looking.

Never forget
about the one that you care
I may be invisibly disabled
but I am still here.
So reach out your hand
and give me your touch
Letting me know
I mean so much.

Fill yourself with understanding
compassion and support
It'll make your life richer
and my life much fuller
Because you're in it
and we're in it together.

Cynthia T. Callahan
November 9, 1993

Sent by my Aussie Mate, Darren
Taken from "freemans journal"approx 1888
By Australian poet, author was Henry Lawson

On my blankets i was lyin'
Too tied to lift my head,
An' the long hot day was dyin'
an' I wished that i was dead.

From the west the gold was driven,
I watched the death of day,
An' the distant stars in heaven
seemed to draw my heart away.

Native Fruit (circ 1908)

D'ye mind the little five corner
The sweetest ever found
The native cherry and geebung
That grew in stoney ground?
The manna and the wattle gum
Where wattle shrubs take root
You've heard of verry many things
Have you heard of native fruit?

Or native vegetables -the yams,
The sweet, and nutty too?
The way to live away from home
That all bush children knew.
cress,boggabri,sap of stringy-bark,
And many a leaf and root.
And a man who knows could live on these,
When lost-and native fruit.

Sent by Thelma

Soft caresses
Whispered sighs......
Tender gazes......
Touching and stroking......
Kisses and licks......
Fire and satin......
Silken skin......
Giving and taking......
Feeling and watching......
Waiting and wanting......

By Pitcher16
When you ask the lord for help
and you offer up a prayer,
if you don't get a quick reply,
it don't mean He's not there.
I've asked for so very much-the girl,
I so tried to romance her,
she passed me by and I'm by myself,
some prayers are best left unanswered.
sometimes when I'm alone I think
and when I'm awake at night,
the "what-if's" and the "might-have-beens"
of that girl and me one night.
she never leaves my mind
although my life has now moved on,
but the truth is in the lyrics
saying you'll miss me when I'm gone.

By AngelCross

I cannot ease your aching heart,
Nor take your pain away,
But let me stay and take your hand
And walk with you today!

I'll listen when you need to talk;
I'll wipe away your tears
I'll share your worries when they come;
I'll help you face your fears.

I'm here and I will stand by you,
Each hill you have to climb,
So take my hand, let's face the world;
Live one day at a time!

You're not alone, for I'm still here.
I'll go that extra mile,
And when your grief is easier,
I'll help you learn to smile!

My Dearest Wife
By Mike

My Dearest Wife
You are the love of my Life.
When I look at you
I makes me realize
my dreams have all come true.

You make me happy inside
and so full of pride.
When I think about coming home
it makes me not want to roam.

You make me smile
You make me grin
You make me want
to marry you
again and again.

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