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Each one of us can look back on our lives and remember the people that have influenced us in a positive way. My biggest influence in life was my Granny Pearl. Granny is the person that not only raised me, but taught me to love and care for the world around me and all of Pearl pic   its' inhabitants. My happy childhood memories of her are filled with music, stories, games, pride, play, spirituality, and hugs. She was one of the most interesting people that I have ever known. She is my role model and my inspiration, even though she left this plane of existance several years ago.
(L-R) Granny, GranDad, Aunt Jean,
and Mom

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Pearl's life

Her life began in the mountains of Kentucky, in a small mining
community. Her parents were killed, and she was adopted at infancy
by a hard-working, prideful couple. Survival was very hard. I remember
her telling me that her job was to pour the moonshine into the
mason jars at the "honky tonk" where her Mother worked at as a waitress.

Her life started in turmoil and continued to be so, when her
parents were killed (seperately) in front of her. Now, she was
on her the ripe old age of 8. Luckily, she found work
caring for a disabled young girl, who became like a sister to her.
So, for a was good for her. On a trip into town,
her and the young girl rode in the back of the wagon, as usual.
Unexpectedly, the wagon hit a bump, the young girl fell
out and under the wheels....and was killed. Not only had she
lost the closest thing that she had ever known to a sister, but
now she was on her own again.

Being American Indian, during a time of great discrimination
and predjudice, made survival all the harder. She found work as
a cook, working in a mansion. This was a time without electricity
and many other things that we take for Granted (such as a refrigerator).
So, every day, she prepared all of the food
(including items such as mayonnaise and ketchup)
Luckily, she was an incredible cook. This allowed her to have job security.
Finally, she found a more stable life.
She continued working there until she met
my Grandfather, whom she married and had seven children with.

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None of her children were delivered in a hospital as it was not an option for them at the time.
The new family survived as share-croppers, raising tobacco and their own food.
She learned how to be efficient and how to make use of everything.
A great appreciation for the things she had and received was always
there. These gifts were passed onto me.

After she had raised all of her children and went through a divorce
during the 1950's, she was presented with a baby girl to raise (Me).
She was already in her 50's, but took on the role
of my parent, mentor, spiritual guide, and angel.
She instilled values, compassion, and love into me. I also
learned to stand up for myself and hold my head up high, as well
as good table manners and to always wear clean underwear.

Breast cancer took her from us when I was 19. She had known
that she was ill, but was still afraid of doctors. Thus, her
illness was not diagnosed until it was at an inoperable stage.
She endured chemotherapy and other treatments in order
to extend her life a bit longer. It was a very painful time for her.
During the last of her life, I quit school, and moved in to care for her.
I found out that she still had much to teach me and our bond grew even more.
She was afraid to sleep at night in case that she would die in her sleep.
So, I spent each night listening to stories of a life gone by.
New stories were told as well as fears and joys. I did not regret
leaving university at all. I knew that school would
be there later, but she would not be. Those last
months are very special to me as I grew to see my Grandmother
not only as my Granny, but as a special person.

I still miss her to this day even though it has been many years. There
are so many things that I wish that she could have been here for...
finishing university, falling in love, my marriage, me as an adult.
I often wonder what she would think of me now. Would she
be proud of me? Would she have approved of the choices
that I have made in life? I hope so. I try to lead a good
life and be a good person for I know that we will meet one day again.

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  I am very excited to report that my Grandmother's story was told in a recently published book about the women in our lives and how they have helped shape us as women. This is very special to me, as I made a promise to Grandmother before she died, that one day I would tell her story. This page was a beginning of that promise. I was approached due to this page and now her story is being retold in another way. I am very proud of my Grandmother. Look for
"Remembering Mother, Finding Myself -- A journey of Love and Self-Acceptance"
Patricia Commins.
published by Health Communications, Inc.
Deerfield Beach, Florida

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She's still with me...

I was blessed to have my Grandmother and for her spirit to still be with me.
Pearl is my Guardian Angel, and she visits me in my dreams and speaks to me.
Even now, she is still guiding me and comforting me. I still miss being able
to hug her, but I know that she will always be with me, and watching out for me.

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I'm as big for me, as you are for you!

When two people dream of each other, their souls are touching
and they are and have always been entwined.

Chief Seattle quote

We are drawn to the same souls each different forms.

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"My Little Lonesome Dove was sent to me for a love again."

An Indian prayer
whose breath gives life to all the world,
hear me! I am small and weak, I need your
strength and wisdom.


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